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Home Viewpoint offer Property Films for Estate Agent Marketing Home Viewpoint offer Property Films for Estate Agent Marketing Home Viewpoint offer Property Films for Estate Agent Marketing Home Viewpoint offer Property Films for Estate Agent Marketing

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FREE Professional Photography

All of our property films come with a complimentary set of professional photographs

  • No hidden charges
  • No limit on film length
  • No limit on Photographs
  • Fast turn around time
  • Smart professional staff
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Films added to Rightmove
  • Perfect content for use on social media

  • "Home Viewpoint's film is a first-class representation of my home. I now have a memento, to remind me of the property in years to come."

    Professor G.Lloyd


Home Viewpoint were recently interviewed by The Negotiator magazine on the use of property films

Given that 3D walkthroughs, virtual home planning, as well as property videos offer a very attractive way of showing a property's star points along with general features, is it fair to say that they have now come of age?

Absolutely, the availability of high speed internet through broadband and 3G/4G, combined with the ability to view film media on the go via portable devices, makes it ideal for the property market in a way which simply was not feasible just a few years ago.

What are the benefits of 3D walkthroughs, virtual home planning, property video marketing?

I would say that the biggest thing is to give people a real feel for the property before even stepping foot inside, this cuts down on time wasted from unnecessary viewings and opens the property up to a much large potential market, not just in the UK but across the world, especially with so much investment from overseas.

How important are property videos and how can they help agents sell homes?

With the massive growth in the use of online property marketing with the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla the industry has changed and as a result so to must agents themselves. property videos give the best possible look at a property short of being there in person, this both both helpful before viewing and after by cutting down on repeat visits as the property video is sufficient on its own.

How important are audio tours and how can they help agents sell homes?

Whilst audio tours do not provide the depth that property videos do, they provide an essential tool for those who are visually impaired.

How important are walkthroughs and how can they help agents sell homes?

The walk-through element helps the viewer to get a better feeling for the flow and layout of the property, it also allows them to see elements of a property not normally shown in photographs such as halls and doorways.

How can property videos, audio tours and walkthroughs best complement one another?

I believe that the ideal solution is a combination of all three, a walk-through property video with overlaid audio. However in our experience the majority of agents are not yet prepared to take on the additional work of scripting audio for use on film.

How can property videos, audio tours and walkthroughs complement floor plans?

We are actually implementing a new system that incorporates a simplified floor plan into the film. The room that the film is currently showing is highlighted and as the film moves through the property, the floor plan changes to show you exactly where you are. The next step on from that will be the ability to click on a room on a floor plan and jump to that section of the film directly.

Why should more agents consider offering these marketing tools?

The use of film as a marketing tool is very quickly becoming an industry standard, if your not using it then chances are you will wind up playing catch up later down the road. A large number of our agents promote the use of the films as an additional level of quality that they provide, over their competition that do not.

How cheap/expensive is this form of marketing? Starting Costs?

Our key goal is to prove that film and professional photography is no longer the sole dominion of the high end property, it is just as valid on a £150k property as it is on a £10m mansion. As a result our pricing reflects this with one off films from £149+vat which includes filming, editing, hosting of the film, a branded loading page to put the film onto Rightmove and all other costs with no hidden charges. For those agents prepared to commit to a large number of property films our price can be as low as £59+vat per property. And just in case that wasn’t enough we also include a full set of professional photography free of charge.

What is available?

We provide a single high quality product no matter the size or value of the property, a full walk-through film of both external and internals and a full set of professional photography with no limits on the numbers of shots or photographs.

Who supplies them?

We have trained, smart professional camera operators covering South Wales, Bristol and central London.

Are they worth the cost?

Absolutely, with stiff competition on every high street, I can’t think of a single agent that wouldn’t appreciate the edge over their competitors, by providing high quality marketing without denting their commission.

Do vendors like them?

Definitely, we get amazing feedback from vendors all the time, many of whom stated that it was the very reason for choosing that agent.

Is there any other relevant information that you think agents/readers may be interested in?

We are hoping by the end of the year to incorporate aerial drone based film and photography to provide yet another level of quality to our product, whilst this will likely only be used on high end properties we have no plan to charge high end prices for the service. We have our drones already and are currently training in order to achieve our full CAA qualifications.

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